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Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals

Challenge yourself in the realm of wilderness medicine! NOLS Wilderness Medicine's courses for medical professionals (PA, RN, EMT, MD, etc.) offer CMEs and are designed specifically to help you adapt your urban medical knowledge in remote settings. In the wilderness, you may have minimal access to equipment, and your ability to improvise is crucial to your patient's wellbeing.

You'll learn to apply your urban emergency care knowledge to the wilderness through case studies and practical scenarios with mock patients. Our seasoned instructors will guide you through five days of intense, hands-on learning to make sure you are prepared in the wilderness.

WUMP Schedule

WUMP Course Overview

Other Courses Offered:
Wilderness First Aid 
Wilderness Advanced First Aid
Wilderness First Responder
Hybrid WFR
Hybrid recertification

Contact us for a customized program for your organization.

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